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Astro Photography

The night sky has fascinated man since the start of time, and it will do so till all time ends. Astrophotography gives us the opportunity to show the night sky to people as they will never be able to see it with the human eye. No matter how dark it is, we will never be able to see the milky way as bright as it is in a photo and we will never be able to see the earth rotate like we can see it in a star trail. Here are a couple of my very favourite and best images.


The South African landscape is simply amazing. There is a great landscape photo within a couple of kilometres from everyone. We have some unique landmarks that people travel to from all over the world. Be it farmlands or wonders of nature, we have it all. Here are some of my very best landscapes.


The South African Coastline has been documented and written about since the seafarers for the 16th century. It’s dramatic and rugged and simply beautiful. From man-made structures to world-renowned landmarks and wonders of nature like Hole in the Wall and Table Mountain. A trip to South Africa has to include one of our coastal destinations. Here are some of my very best Seascape images.


Over the last 2-3 years, I have really started to shoot lots of panoramic landscape images. Often I felt that I simply could not show the whole scene in a single wide-angle image, I had to get even wider, and for that reason, I started shooting panorama images. Since then I have realised that most times, a panorama image displays better as artwork on a wall and can more readily be used on a website or online application. It is also a super high-resolution image with endless possibilities for different uses. Here are some of my very best South African Panoramic images.

Black & White

Black and White photos are classic and timeless. It conveys more emotion as you simply have two shades of colour to work with, black and white and a mix of the two. It takes a very special scene to work as a black and white scene, but when they do come around, it’s simply magic. Here are some of my very best Black and White photos.

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