Southern Most

Landscape Photography Experience

What you will need to bring:

Firstly, thanks for joining me on this Landscape Photography Experience. Hopefully, I will be able to share some of my knowledge to help you discover ways to capture better landscapes in the years to come.

It will be in Winter so it will probably be pretty cold, even on a sunny day. Expect cold nights as we are close to the ocean, so please prepare accordingly.
Accommodation is based on a per person sharing. You will be sharing a room with a fellow attendee and we will all be sharing bathrooms.

As it will probably be cold, bring warm clothing, long trousers and warm jackets. For good measure also include a waterproof jacket and shoes if possible.
We will be shooting from early morning and till late in the evening. Scarfs and beanies would also be recommended.
Some of the places will be very close to the water so a good pair of boots is a must.
Also, a big must is a head torch and another hand torch for working in the dark.
For good measure, you would need to bring a pair of warm gloves as well. I use a pair from K-Way where the fingers can be opened so you can work with the camera, it works like a bomb.


DSLR Camera (any make will do ;)) I shoot Canon so I know the system very well and I am sure I will find my way around other systems as well. Set of lenses, specifically a wide angle lens IE 18-55 / 16-35 / 17-40 / 10-20

Telephoto lenses can also be brought, there is very good birdlife and this could be fun to do during the day. 70-200, 100-400 or longer. Tripod [please note: This will be your most important tool, so it is a MUST]

Cable release for shooting stars and other longer exposures
ND Grad filters, if you have this will be an added bonus but if you don’t it’s not a train smash, I will show you how to shoot and edit with no filters.
I have a spare set and I will try to arrange some demo sets from one of the suppliers.
GoPro or a drone, in case you want to make some video.
Please bring enough batteries and memory cards. You do not want to run out of storage space and batteries when out shooting. There is electricity so we would be able to charge our gear.
Camera bag for hiking, as we will be walking quite a bit, you will need something comfortable to carry your gear in.
Please bring with your drone should you have one, mine is always in the car.

Personal sundries, like toiletries, personal medication etc. Also insect repellent.

Two Main meals will be provided, Breakfast/Brunch and Dinner.
If you want in between snacks, please bring your own with. Snacks like Biltong, nuts and fruit will keep you filled up most of the day.
Meals will consist of:
Braai, chops, chicken and pork, pumpkin pie, freshly baked bread etc. Breakfast on both days will be bacon and eggs with baked bread and coffee.
Saturday, Potjie and baked bread
Coffee and tea will be provided.

You will need to bring your own alcoholic beverages and cold drinks. That is for your own discretion.
There are fridges in the cottages and ice will be provided. Please keep in mind we are a big group and there is quite a bit of stuff that needs to be kept cold, so please do not bring half of Woolies with you and if you do, try not to have to much stuff that needs to be kept cold in the fridges. If you have a fridge in your car, even better.

There is water on the farm, but it could be brackish. I would recommend that you bring one 5L bottle of still water with per person for personal drinking and use. There are hot showers and flush toilets. Just bring with an extra roll of toilet paper for yourself in case we run out of that that is supplied by the venue.


Some facts:
We will be at the Southern Most point in Africa and we will be close to the ocean. The air might be very cold that time of the year and the real feel temperature will be less than the ambient temperature due to the close proximity of the ocean.
As it is winter we would not really have to worry about creepy crawlies that could bite or sting us, but we would just be careful where ever we go.

My biggest worry is ticks, in fact, I am more scared of them than of the snakes. If we have a couple of warm days before the weekend there is a huge possibility that we might pick up some of them if we are in the veld. We will have to do thorough checks every time we were in the bush. They will make you very ill if you get bitten by one that is a carrier of Tick Bite Fever. That is also why I wear long pants and shirts. We did not pick up any ticks when we were there last time, but I just know they will be there.

You will need a headlamp or a torch of some sorts. We will be doing quite a bit of shooting at night and you will need it to see where you are going. It will be pitch black dark out there due to the new moon.

Our days will start very early, from around 6 am we would need to be out in the field already to get the sunrise. This is a magic time of the day! We should be back at the cottages at not much later than 9-10am and then we will have coffee and breakfast. During the day we will work on some of the images in Lightroom and Photoshop and I will discuss some editing techniques that I use. There will also be ample time for being lazy and relax and to shoot some of the life on the farm

We will start to head out for sunset at about 5 pm. At this time of the year, the milky way is still rising but it will be up long time all ready for when we start shooting. We should have most of the night to shoot the milky way itself. Two great things about that are that we get to shoot it an early evening and we can be back long before 12 am to get a good nights sleep in.

I will be taking along some fun things that we can shoot at night like stuff to do light painting with, we will make things like Orbs and spinning steel wool images, great fun.
During the daytime, those who are up for it can look to find some of the unique birds on the farm and do some bird photography.

The last day we will start to pack at around 10 am, we should try not to leave later than 1 pm as it is quite a drive back home to the city.

Getting there:

A detailed google maps with directions will be given to everyone. It is on a farm but its pretty close to the town should anything be needed. We will also be driving through the town on some of the shoots so if you need to get something it can easily be done.

I am sure this will be a fun filled weekend where we will discover lots of new tips and techniques from each other and go home with a couple of new friends.

If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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